Elie El Haddad started in forwarding since 1948 as a private and independent company offering global logistical freight forwarding solutions through its own network of established working partners by all modes and methods of transportation. Since its formation the company has built a reputation within the Industry for its professionalism, reliability and continuity of services.

Currently, in conjunction with our Global network of working partners, we operate logistical freight services to over 75 principal Worldwide destinations, covering Europe, Indian Sub-Continent, Mediterranean, Far East, USA, Canada, Latin Americas, Arab countries, Scandinavia and we are continuously introducing additional services and facilities to enhance and compliment our broad range of freight and ancillary related services, further information can be viewed on our Web site: www.embassyfreight-lb.com / www.embassy.it


The company has since 1999 been a registered trading member of the Lebanese Syndicate. Participation is also undertaken in the Associations New Exporter Initiative Scheme, which provides companies entering the export market for the first time with professional advice. IT Technology is fully embraced; therefore enable the company to keep fully abreast of the changing needs of both Commerce and Industry and also enabling the company to meet the specific needs and requirements of clients quickly and efficiently.


Our aim is to insure that our dedicated team of professionals strives to maintain the highest degree of service to meet each individual customer’s specific needs and requirements. Our professional staff will control the documentation flow and physical cargo movement of our customer’s consignments to ensure smooth handling from point of origination to destination. We also demand the highest standards of efficiency in communication and customer care